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  1. ezBusiness is an easy to use point of sales, inventory, and sales management software for small businesses. It features a full featured search engine and a shopping cart for processing sales. It is built to work with a keyboard interface barcode reader.

    Demo Limitation:
    Allows only 20 items to be added to the database.

  2. Features:

  3. Fast full-featured item search.

  4. Manages sales and inventory.

  5. View monthly, weekly, or daily sales and revenue.

  6. Built-in register to checkout items!

  7. Undo any purchase or sets of purchases!

  8. Works with a keyboard interface barcode reader!

  9. Personalize your own receipts or invoices!

  10. Set the tax rate or fees for any category.

  11. Set the transaction fee for each payment types.


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