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StopMotioner is a full featured stop-motion creation tool (aka Clay Animation). It contains all the necessary tools to capture, edit, and share your stop-motion movies. No need to import your clips to another program for editing; it contains all the tools you need and more while retaining the original quality. Edit in StopMotioner as you capture--adding titles, transitions, and audio.


An all-in-one program that includes everything: timeline editing, unlimited audio tracks with waveform view, titles and transitions/effects, stop-motion capture with onion skinning, and exporting to your DV camera or to the internet. It is iMovie for Stop-Motion!


- Stop-Motion Capture!

- All in one: record stop-motion, add/edit audio, and edit video!

- Easy to use Project Organizer with unlimited levels of undos!

- Powerful action history can keep track of all your actions from the beginning!

- Non-destructive editing allows you go back to any previous edit!

- Paint directly on video; includes all commonly used painting tools!

- Pan, zoom, and rotate effects!

- Includes tons of transitions, effects, and filters!

- Clip Shelf to store your unused clips

- Split and join clips

- Export to your digital video camera!

- Export movies to any Quicktime supported format!

- Support for external editors such as QuickTime Player

Minimum Requirements:
: Mac OS 8.1 or later & CarbonLib 1.2
Mac OS X: Mac OS 10.1 or later
Power PC G3/G4 (400mhz recommended)
Quicktime 4.0 or later

Download StopMotioner (Carbon) 4.6 MB