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MediaEdit 3mediaedit.html

MediaEdit 3 is the easy to use movie editing software designed for the consumer. Experience a better way to edit videos.

It supports unlimited media layers, text, and painting tools. Comes with standard filters and transitions. Edits virtually all QuickTime compatible formats.

PhotoEdit is a powerful image editing tool that lets you create professional-quality images. It features all the tools you'll ever need; filled with tons of image filters and effects.

It is perfect for those who need more than basic features, but don't want to pay the high prices of other tools.

Capture continuous images on the screen as a Quicktime movie.

It is useful for creating training CDs, visual tutorials, and many more. It can even be used as a monitoring device.


ezBusiness is an easy-to-use inventory and sales management software for the small business. It features a full featured search engine and a shopping cart for processing sales. It is built to work with a keyboard interface barcode reader.

Easily capture on-screen action or import video clips, images & sounds to create clear and powerful presentations. Engage viewers with customized text & video transition effects the pros use, and easily add voiceovers to personalize your results as you maintain total control over all audio mixing and editing steps.







Mac OS X:


Geocache Managergeocachemanager.html

Geocache Manager is an intuitive geocache management tool. Manage all your Geocaches from one place. You can send only the caches you want to your GPS device. When you’re done Geocaching, download them to Geocache Manager to automatically update your finds.