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PhotoEdit is a powerful image editing tool that lets you create professional-quality images. It features all the tools you'll ever need; filled with tons of image filters and effects. It is perfect for those who need more than basic features, but don't want to pay the high prices of other tools.

Demo Limits:

  1. Saves images in the lowest quality.

  2. 30 day trial!

  3. Export Disabled


  1. Apply tons of cool effects to your images!

  2. Save images to several formats!

  3. Mask Editing

  4. Full line of Painting tools!

  5. Create custom brushes or effects!

  6. Adjust or change color quickly!

  7. Opens and edits all popular formats!


New in this release:

  1. New high quality scaling

  2. New open recent menu

  3. New Filters: Motion Blur & NTSC Color

  4. New dpi support for printing

  5. Added menus for online support

  6. Optimized speed of marching ants with large graphic selections

  7. Faster SurfaceWave effect

  8. Fixed issues with minimizing windows

  9. Fixed problems quitting in Classic

  10. Fix bug with rotating an image 90° when scrolled/zoomed

  11. Fixed a bug that closes a single floating window after canceled quit

  12. Fixed the issue with text limiting to only the height of the image

  13. Fixed an issue with the text window freezing after selection text


 MediaEdit 3
 Geocache Manager
 ScreenRecord Studio